How We Raise Money

Throughout the year, Gorrie holds fundraisers to benefit our classrooms, teachers and students. Our two largest fundraisers are the Walk-a-Thon, sponsored by the Gorrie PTA, and the Gorrie Gala, sponsored by the John B. Gorrie Foundation. These two events are vital to the school and have helped us fund laptops, Skype cameras, teacher grants, classroom supplies, playgrounds, and even build our Coliseum with 100% Gorrie-raised funds.

These two events also help fund many events and clubs that make Gorrie so special for our teachers, staff, parents and – most important – our students.  These include our Strings Program, Dads’ Club, Gorrie Cares, Academic Nights, Night of the Arts, Movie Night, Spirit Nights and Teacher Appreciation Week.

In addition to our larger fundraisers, we’re always at work raising money through our cash back programs with Amazon and our Box Top collections. These cents add up to dollars very quickly and this money is hard at work providing tools and supplies to our students. 

Raise money for Gorrie with Amazon Smile

Gorrie earns a percentage of your Amazon sales IF you purchase from this link. When you see the above web address ending in gopt0a-20 in your browser, then you know you are earning money for our school!

Raise money for Gorrie with Box Tops

Box Tops are an easy way to collect money for Gorrie. It’s simple: BUY your favorite products, CUT out the box top from each package, and SEND your box tops to school with your child. WE GET CASH!!!

Raise money for Gorrie with Coca-Cola Give

The Coca-Cola Give program opens up our school to new funding opportunities to help improve learning environments for students. If you and your family consume Coca-Cola products, click below.