Gorrie PTA – The School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (or SAC) is a committee comprised of representatives of the entire Gorrie community, which assesses and addresses issues of concern to the school. SAC membership must include parents, teachers, administrators, business people and other interested community members. SAC is responsible for developing an annual School Improvement Plan (or SIP) based, in part, on annual needs assessments (or climate surveys) completed by parents, teachers, and students that address where Gorrie stands in relation to the State’s eight education goals. After the SIP is approved by SAC, it must be submitted to the Hillsborough County School Board and the state. The SIP spells out what Gorrie is doing to improve academic performance of all students and to address any perceived weaknesses or areas of concern raised in one or more of the climate surveys. Every school is required to have a SIP in place for each school year. A copy of Gorrie’s SIP is available in the Main Office.

There is a “core group” of SAC members who must commit to attend 90% of the monthly meetings and whose make-up must reflect the demographic mix at Gorrie. Non-members are welcome to attend any or all of the monthly meetings. Members of SAC help set the tone for all that goes on at Gorrie, including academic focus, parent involvement, uniforms, purchase and use of technology, disbursement of SAC funds allocated by the State; the list goes on and on. Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend the monthly SAC meetings and to consider becoming a core member. Please see the calendar for dates and times of meetings.